Press Release – Rally to Save Colossus Slated for Saturday

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Coaster enthusiasts and avid Colossus fans have scheduled a rally on behalf of Colossus for Saturday, August 16th from 9AM until 11:30 AM in front of the park.  August 16th is the last day the ride will be open before it is shutdown by Six Flags.

“We want to make sure everyone entering the park that morning knows that there is a concerted effort to save the ride, so we are meeting at the intersection of Magic Mountain and the Old Road to stage the rally,” said Donald Patti, a spokesperson for Save Colossus!  “In addition to sporting signs that mention and the petition, we will also be handing out swag and raffling off ‘Save Colossus!’ t-shirts that people can bring into the park.”

Six Flags has not yet announced plans for the ride after it is closed on the 16th, which has kept coaster fans hard at work lobbying to save it. “Colossus is such a famous ride,” added Matt Glumac of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.  “We want Six Flags to restore and preserve this legend for years to come and we’d hate to see it end up like Cyclone Racer, the roller coaster at the Pike in Long Beach that was torn down back in 1968.”

For more information about this release, contact Donald Patti at 866-478-8080.

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